Posted by : Amol Vaidya Friday, March 24, 2006

Who would have imagined travelling down an expressway at high speed, sitting at the back seat of a car and surfing the net, chatting on msn, writing a blog and doing a Google Earth lookup to see a satellite pic of the area where u currently are in. This would be called nothing short of silly or over ambitious a decade back. Thats what I am doing right now. I am travelling down the Mumbai-Pune Express Highway at 100kmph (good enough speed for this part of the world) and I am online and in touch with the world. Its fun. Actually I hadn't blogged in a while since I was busy preparing on quite a few things. So today I said to myself this would be a nice time to blog. With GPRS on the move its fun. But slow at times. With the RConnect PCMCIA card its even more fun because it's a lot faster. So I can afford to keep a host of internet based applications open at the same time. Whats more exciting is I needed WinZip on one of my VPC Images and guess what ? There I go online, get onto and download the winzip application and install it. all at 100kmph.. oops.. at 15kbps :-p Cool aint it ?

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  1. KD says:

    Amazing, But its true. I still remember gud days when i used to work on DOS 6.22, write documents on Wordstar 4.0, spreadsheet in Lotus 123 then upgraded to Win3.1 n WS 7. Comparing its just not more than 10 years. In a decade the change is so much.
    AV talking to everyone on MSN @ the speed of 15Kbps/100kmph.
    Try that: voice chat using google talk or skype.
    Gates wrote: Business @ Speed of Thought.
    Some1 got to write Technology Beyond Speed of Thought.

  2. Dhaval Faria says:

    to make it more interesting. .earth travels at the speed of 1000 miles/hour

    so your travelling speed + earth's travelling speed..

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