No option for 64 bit guest on Oracle VirtualBox?

When I installed Oracle VirtualBox (4.3.8) on a 64 bit host (Windows 8.1/AMD A4 APU) I was surprised to see only 32 bit options to create guest VMs. I was running a 64 bit OS on my host, I know that my processor supports virtualization but couldn't quite understand why I wasn't seeing options to create a 64 bit guest VM. The solution that worked is that you need to enable virtualization in the BIOS. In many systems, this is turned off at BIOS settings. Once this is enabled, 64 bit options for guest VMs appear in Oracle VirtualBox.
Monday, May 26, 2014
Posted by Amol Vaidya

LockScreens and Launchers on Android

One of the concepts of Android devices that I love the most is that of Lockscreens and Launchers. We can change the device default LockScreens and Launchers by installing custom ones which are nothing but PlayStore apps. This isn't very new for Android users. However, the reason for this blog post is to make users of iPhone and Windows Phone aware about something of this kind that exists in the Android world but is unknown of and unseen in iPhone and Windows Phone. There are lockscreen apps which can be installed to replace the stock lockscreen and many of these also support themes which can be used to change the look and feel. There are lockscreen apps such as iPhone 5s Lock Screen which can make your lockscreen look and behave as similar to an iPhone and there's Windows 8 Lockscreen which can make your phone lockscreen exactly the same as the one in you see in a Windows Phone 8.

In much the same way, we have launchers which can change the look and behaviour of your Android Phone. They change the way the desktop is presented, allow you to set what the home and navigation keys can do. There are launchers which are creative in their look and feel, give you great effects while navigating screens and have features such as multiple desktops. These phone desktops can be decorated with useful and great looking widgets. There are launchers such as Espier which can give you an exact iPhone look and behaviour. There's Launcher8 which can work just like a Windows Phone 8 and mind you.. We aren't talking about just a theme that applies to an existing app (there are many of those too) but rather an app which takes over navigation behaviour and allows you to configure it the way you like.

There are so many of these in android to choose from and it would be not possible for me to add screenshots of all of them. Here are a select few screenshots of those Android LockScreens and Launchers which I find impressive. Maybe iPhone and Windows Phone could learn from this concept rather than forcing their respective UI on end users.

LockScreens :

Launchers :
Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Posted by Amol Vaidya

Enable MP3 album art in Windows Explorer

If you have tagged MP3 files with album art but in windows explorer you get the default MP3 icon when you view as icons here's what you can do to fix that :

1. Download this zip file which when expanded gives you two .reg files.

2. Right Click -> Merge MP3.reg

3. Right Click -> Merge Default_MP3.reg

4. Rebuild Windows Indexing Option.
   Go to Control Panel -> In the Search box type "Indexing Options"
   Go to Advanced Tab  -> Rebuild Cache

5. Lastly, if mp3 files aren't associated fix that if needed by going to Control Panel -> Programs -> Make a file type always open in a specific program. I use Windows Media Player but I guess you can choose your favourite here.

Before :
After :

Friday, September 27, 2013
Posted by Amol Vaidya

Start Menu on Windows 8

For all those Windows 8 users who wish that Microsoft brings back the start button and start menu, here's something that might help. There are a bunch of third party apps which let you have a start menu on the Windows 8 desktop. After trying out some of the notable ones such as Start8 from stardock, Pokki Menu, Windows8 StartMenu gadget and Classic Shell here is one which got my attention.

IObit Start Menu 8 -

The reason? Its got everything that I seek from it as a Windows 8 power user. Simple, lightweight, runs as a service, certified, customizable and it doesn't alienate me from Modern UI and you get all this for free. It offers an easy way to switch between Modern UI (IObit still calls it Metro) and Start Menu based desktop mode. Modern UI apps are also seen on the start menu under a separate category.

This is what Microsoft should have done rather than forcing Modern UI onto users. It reminds me of the days of transit from DOS to Windows 3.0 where you weren't forced to move to Program Manager on Day 1. You still booted to DOS, typed win to go to Windows and either went to DOS by running the MSDOS Shell or by exiting from Windows back to DOS. Then came Windows 95 with a whole new change - the explorer interface but you could still have a desktop short-cut to progman.exe aka Program Manager just in case you needed some time. As time progressed, users got used to the new interface in both these cases.. DOS to Windows and Program Manager to Explorer and it worked. I guess a similar strategy would have worked for Explorer to Modern UI.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Posted by Amol Vaidya

Back to Blogging

After being away from blogging for a long long time, I'm back.

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any government, organization, agency, cat, dog, goldfish, insect, bacteria or any known or unknown organism. Nothing should be taken too seriously.
Saturday, June 15, 2013
Posted by Amol Vaidya

Trying out Windows Live Writer

I have been an irregular blogger all this while. Everytime I promise myself that I will blog whenever I learn about something interesting so that I can share my thoughts and what I learn… but then I get just too bored to logon to the blog site, compose a page using the online editor that blogger gives and then write my thoughts. A few times I had typed what I wanted to blog in Notepad and then logged on later and posted it here but that too wasn’t something that I would find enthusiastic. I must admit that I never bothered to try out any Offline Blog Editors that have been around for a while. A few days back I downloaded Windows Live Writer and saw that it offers a convenient way to write your blog posts with some nice and handy features. This post has been written using the same. Apart from the usual editing options, there are some great plug-ins which are available here. I hope it keeps me enthused about writing regularly.
Monday, March 09, 2009
Posted by Amol Vaidya
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Is THIS BIS ? Our Experts Panel ?

Bureau of Indian Standards ! These are the people who represent India at ISO and give their views on Standards and their adaptation. Funny to say that these people voted against OOXML. Their reasons ? Here are the minutes of the "experts" meeting, but to cut a long story short, here are my sentiments :

1) It seems BIS does not understand the fact that the design goal of OOXML was not to deal with binary file format. They seem to be more worried about conversion from Binary format to be part of the standard rather than looking at how the new standard can actually make life a lot more easier from interoperability point of view.

2) The enlightened guys in the committee objected to Custom XML being allowed to be embedded inside OOXML documents. To quote "... the provision to include custom xml elements into a document unacceptable if inter-operability must be ensured." Guys ! dont you understand the basics of what XML is used for ?

3) As stated by a learned professor of the committee, he is strongly of the view that voting for OOXML by BIS at ISO will increase the digital
divide in India and will harm the domestic industry and economy. Eh ?? On what basis sir ? Care to explain ? Or you just like making statements ? And he feels it wise to go by ODF. I hope he is currently living his life with an Open Standard wordprocessor running on an Open Standard Operating System with an Open Standard thought process. I wish the BIS team reads up on the fact that the ODF format is limited to the features and performance of OpenOffice and StarOffice.

As far as the story goes, Microsoft has won the OOXML battle and has won ISO recognition as a global document standard. Of course, Microsoft has frowned at BIS for voting against the format which as the ruling suggests, most are in favour of. However, Microsoft has agreed to work and support what BIS expects from them.

So at the end, OOXML joins the ranks of PDF, HTML and ODF amongst document formats.
Monday, April 07, 2008
Posted by Amol Vaidya
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