Posted by : Amol Vaidya Tuesday, October 15, 2013

One of the concepts of Android devices that I love the most is that of Lockscreens and Launchers. We can change the device default LockScreens and Launchers by installing custom ones which are nothing but PlayStore apps. This isn't very new for Android users. However, the reason for this blog post is to make users of iPhone and Windows Phone aware about something of this kind that exists in the Android world but is unknown of and unseen in iPhone and Windows Phone. There are lockscreen apps which can be installed to replace the stock lockscreen and many of these also support themes which can be used to change the look and feel. There are lockscreen apps such as iPhone 5s Lock Screen which can make your lockscreen look and behave as similar to an iPhone and there's Windows 8 Lockscreen which can make your phone lockscreen exactly the same as the one in you see in a Windows Phone 8.

In much the same way, we have launchers which can change the look and behaviour of your Android Phone. They change the way the desktop is presented, allow you to set what the home and navigation keys can do. There are launchers which are creative in their look and feel, give you great effects while navigating screens and have features such as multiple desktops. These phone desktops can be decorated with useful and great looking widgets. There are launchers such as Espier which can give you an exact iPhone look and behaviour. There's Launcher8 which can work just like a Windows Phone 8 and mind you.. We aren't talking about just a theme that applies to an existing app (there are many of those too) but rather an app which takes over navigation behaviour and allows you to configure it the way you like.

There are so many of these in android to choose from and it would be not possible for me to add screenshots of all of them. Here are a select few screenshots of those Android LockScreens and Launchers which I find impressive. Maybe iPhone and Windows Phone could learn from this concept rather than forcing their respective UI on end users.

LockScreens :

Launchers :

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